It may be a shock to some and a long time coming to others, but a change has been made inside a grocery store frequented by thousands on the SouthCoast.

As of April 30, every Massachusetts Stop & Shop is charging for paper bags. For 10 cents, you can continue your shopping routine. Otherwise, it might be wise to bring a tote or reusable bag from home.

The announcement, which came about a week after Earth Day, makes Stop & Shop the latest chain to apply a pay-per-bag policy, but not everyone is enthused.

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Folks took to social media to express their dismay. Sam Kameese wrote:

"Just went to Stop & Shop, they have no more plastic bags. Have to pay for each paper bag I use. Stop & Shop you are by far the most expensive grocery store in the area, and now you want us to pay for bags. I’m sorry you lost my business. It doesn’t seem like much but I’ve supported your business, but you’ve crossed the line. I know you all will say it’s not a big deal, but in these times where does it end?" 

Exercising a little less restraint, Mikey Mohawk Tavares wrote:

"So now Stop & Shop charge is [sp] 10 cents for f****** bags are you serious what a f****** joke and it's paper bags out of all things unbelievable." 

Whether or not you like it, perhaps it's time we change the way we shop. Since I met my fiancée, I never go anywhere without a stack of reusable grocery bags in my car in case I have to pick up a few things. It's more convenient than you think and, yes, it now saves me a dime.

Perhaps Stop & Shop is on to something here: Go green or go home.

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