Get those quarters ready, because a new ALDI location is coming to the Dartmouth Mall.

According to a recent press release, PREIT announced on Thursday, January 7 that the company has executed a lease with Aldi for a 21,000 square foot grocery store. "This new-to-portfolio grocer will open in the fourth quarter of 2021, joining Burlington who opened in the first quarter of 2020 in the space formerly occupied by Sears that had been proactively recaptured by the company."

Photo Contributed by Dartmouth Mall
Photo Contributed by Dartmouth Mall

Aldi joins a dynamic roster of tenants including Burlington, Old Navy, Hollister, H&M, Five Below, Carter’s, and Francesca’s.

“The addition of Aldi to Dartmouth epitomizes PREIT’s go-forward strategy to redefine our assets to serve a multitude of purposes,” said Joseph F. Coradino, CEO of PREIT. “As part of this strategic approach to strengthen its region-leading asset pool, PREIT intends to complement Dartmouth Mall’s strong tenant performance with the addition of best in class tenants to satisfy our customers from day to night.”

I have only ever been to Aldi once and the experience was pleasant. The discount grocery store chain is known for lower costs on your favorite foods. I was kind of surprised that they don't provide their own grocery bags like other grocery stores, unless you're willing to pay for each one. My future in-laws keep a bundle in their trunks for this very reason. One does not simply walk into an Aldi unprepared and without bags to transport said groceries back to the house.

My other favorite thing about the store was the famous quarter. The Aldi quarter, as it is affectionately called, is your payment for the temporary use of a shopping cart. When you return the cart back to the corral, you get your quarter back. That way, no employees have to spend time and effort to track down the carts that are abandoned in the parking lot. Pure genius.

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