With the wet weather that has made local swamps even swampier, the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project has announced a plan to get ahead of what could be a heavy mosquito season here on the SouthCoast.

Aerial spraying is scheduled to start Thursday night, April 14, from the skies above Mattapoisett. Normally, aerial spraying begins later in the season, but the goal of this first round =will be to target mosquito larvae before they develop into human-biting adult mosquitos.

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The plan is to focus the aerial spraying above a few of the different swamps in Mattapoisett. The Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project's superintendent, Ross Rossetti, alerted Mattapoisett's Board of Health about the spraying on Wednesday afternoon.

Rossetti says the plane will drop  a substance known as Vectobac12AS, #73049-38 over the swampy areas in town. The spraying was scheduled to begin Thursday night and last through Saturday night.

Spraying will be rescheduled if any nights become too windy.

There will be no need to keep windows closed, shut off air conditioners, stay indoors or keep your pets inside in anticipation of the mosquito spraying. Unlike the spraying normally conducted later in the summer, this round will not drop any pesticides over residential areas, so no action is necessary for homeowners.

In recent years, Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester have struggled with mosquito-borne illnesses such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus.  Experts are calling for the potential of a tough season this summer.

Last Friday's rainstorm, which caused flash floods, paired with an already high water table have caused some ponding.

The still water left behind is an ideal environment for mosquitos to thrive.

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