A raccoon found himself in big trouble on Wednesday, after getting his head stuck in a sewer drain at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton, Massachusetts.

This troublesome animal has been known to frighten those on the Southcoast when spotted, and at times, have attacked and bitten other individuals.  We all know that it is best to stay away from a raccoon in case one bites and transfers rabies. However, it is also important to give a helping hand to our fellow animals who need it.  That's why we have excellent animal control officers on the Southcoast and throughout the state.  This story of an adorable raccoon who got stuck in a sewer drain happened to take place in the Western part of the state in the city of Northampton.

According to The Huffington Post, an animal control officer arrived on the scene, and with the help of a little cooking grease, the raccoon was set free.

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