Wet Nose Wednesday is back to tug at your heartstrings. With the help of animal shelters on the SouthCoast, Fun 107 aims to connect animals that are up for adoption with the perfect forever family. This week, the spotlight is on Cosmo from CARE, SouthCoast in Acushnet.

Cosmo is a four-year-old pit bull mix, lovingly described as “sweet, goofy, and happy” by the team at CARE, SouthCoast. He loves making new friends, whether it’s humans or other animals.

Cosmo loves walks, swimming, playing fetch, and fun around. When he’s not burning off energy, he makes for the perfect cuddle buddy. He’s great in a crate, he’s house trained, and he’s nondestructive, making for the perfect companion.

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He can get a little shy sometimes. New environments are scary, and thunderstorms are the worst, so he’ll need some extra love during those moments.

While Cosmo is loving, charismatic, and cuddly, he’s very protective of items that are important to him. CARE, SouthCoast describes it as “resource guarding,” which could be a special bone, spot, or even a person.

“Anyone who adopts him would have to understand that resource guarding requires some work and management long term,” said the shelter. “It also requires a person to be committed to having a balanced relationship with their dog so they do not also become a subject of guarding.”

Cosmo’s ideal forever home will have no other pets and be open to continuing his diet regimen due to some food allergies.

If you’re ready for a new best friend that is ready to give unconditional love, contact CARE, SouthCoast and email caredogvolunteers@gmail.com with the subject line “Cosmo the Pittie.”

CARE, SouthCoast
197 Middle Road, Acushnet, MA 02743
(508) 994-0220

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