Jeremy Walker of Acushnet is looking to get this monster of a truck off his hands but not before we share some of its history with you first.

Walker recently posted his "mega truck" on Facebook Marketplace and we couldn't help but wonder: Why sell this bad boy?

Walker bought the 2003 GMC Sierra Extended Cab back in 2005. After only a few years of working on and driving it, he rolled it over on the highway. Don't worry. He is OK.

Walker decided in 2012 that he was going to keep the truck and make it into what he now calls a "mega truck."

He succeeded.

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This monster of the road is more than driveable after all the work Walker and his friends put into it.

He took care of the truck, dubbed "FREIGHT TRAIN" on the side, as a hobby. Clearly, he loves it.
We asked him, naturally, if we could go for a ride in the truck.

"If I don’t end up selling it, we could probably make arrangements to bring it to the studio and give you guys a ride in the parking lot," he kindly said, though we're not sure Sconticut Neck Road in Fairhaven is ready for this monster to peel out of our small and tricky parking lot.

So, why does Walker want to sell?

"Selling just because it’s getting harder and harder to use around here," he said. "You have to travel so far just to use it."

The asking price is $75,000, though Walker says in the official listing he's willing to entertain a trade for the vehicle with 75,000 miles on it.

Take a look below.

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