Acushnet Creamery is famous for its ice cream, of course. It is arguably the most popular ice cream spot in the entire SouthCoast.

On hot summer days, it is common to see huge lines in front of the store. Customers are willing to stand in lines that can stretch nearly halfway into the parking lot. In fact, many of their customers view waiting in line as part of the experience.

In some ways, the waiting can be regarded as a half-hour of increasingly rare face-to-face family time that can be spent away from phones. Instead, the ice cream line can be a great opportunity for families to catch up with one another.

Acushnet Creamery does have a few tables and a stone wall where customers can enjoy their ice creams. There a couple of spots, however, where the iconic ice cream shop is begging people not to sit.

"Please don't sit on our cows," Acushnet Creamery owner Donna Coray said. "I know they're so cute, and people love to have their pictures taken with them and we love that, but it's just not safe to climb on the cows."

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Coray says that the problem is that people think the decorative cows are sturdier than they are.

"Those suckers are not sturdy at all," she said. "They are just decorations. They're not meant to climb on. It's most concerning when people put their kids up on one of the cows and walk away to take the picture."

One of the Acushnet Creamery cows is located right outside of the entrance, the other by the tables in the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot.

Coray stressed that the only reason Acushnet Creamery is asking people to stay off the cows is for safety reasons.

"I can't help it," she said. "It's the mom in me."

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