One of the dangers of living in today's society is the harmful exposure electronics have on children.

The Acushnet Police Department and Acushnet Elementary School are teaming up with the Children's Advocacy Center of Bristol County for a beneficial seminar for parents.

On Monday, March 28, parents all across the SouthCoast are invited to a free 6 p.m. seminar in the elementary school cafeteria. The seminar will be held again on Tuesday, April 5, at the police department.

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This will be the first event of its kind in Acushnet.

"We're elementary to 4th grade," guidance counselor Nicole Power said. "The kids are coming in with stories of having these 'gaming friends,' when in reality they have no idea who these strangers are. They're more connected online now than ever because of the pandemic."

Some of the issues the school and police will discuss:

  • Teaching parents about apps that will shut down electronics
  • Ways to promote safe choices and how to report any suspicious activity
  • Legal and social consequences and what could go wrong when becoming dependent on electronics

"I hear parents say all the time that the games and apps their kids are using are are 'fine and appropriate,' but the reality of the situation is that even though we as adults may be back to normal, it's not the same for the kids," Power said.

"Honestly, the more people that attend the seminar, the better-off the kids will be."

Questions can be directed to Jill Carroll and Nicole Power at 508-998-0255 or Jeremy Fontes at the Acushnet Police Department.

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