Acushnet’s popular Candy Apple Farm will be opening soon for its 48th season at 788 Main Street. Owners Marc and Michelle Brodeur have operated their Candy Apple Farm out of the same shed for nearly five decades with the help of their daughter Jessica and their grandkids, the Candy Apple Crew.

For many, visiting the Candy Apple Farm is a fall tradition and one of the simple joys of the colder weather returning to the area.

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Like all great things, the Candy Apple Farm doesn’t last forever. It’s only open on weekends from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and it closes for the season in early November.

While it is open, you can treat your sweet tooth to a number of goodies beyond candy apples. Offerings include the popular Brodeur’s Batch small batch coffee syrup, six flavors of fudge, peanut brittle, apple crisps, whoopie pies, and apple pies. Everything is homemade right at the Candy Apple Farm the “old fashioned way” without mixes or preservatives.
It’s no surprise that people drive from up to an hour away to make a visit to the Candy Apple Farm and load up on goodies.

Last September, Michelle Brodeur took to Facebook to address her sudden ”teeny, tiny candy apple stand” fame after going viral overnight in response to the stand’s new pre-order and curbside pickup offer.

In a video posted to the Candy Apple Farm Facebook page, she noted that the family went to bed with a manageable order of candy apples one Sunday night and woke up to an “Oh my God, how are we going to produce all those apples” on Monday. The family members, all of whom still work full time, physically hit their limit on how many apples they could prepare in a weekend.

“I was amazed by the response. I anticipated that because of the pandemic business would be slow but in fact we were selling more apples than three of us could make! Again we were amazed by the increase in business, the long lines of people waiting to buy candy apples and how happy people were to have some sort of fall tradition they could still safely participate," she told us. "I’m overwhelmed by our customers' support of our small local business and I can’t wait to see our old friends of the Candy Apple Farm and meet new ones. We will still recognize their faces behind the masks we will still be requiring while on the property.”

The Candy Apple Family will return to the farm on September 11.

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