Two candidates for a seat on the Acushnet Board of Selectman exchanged views Saturday morning on WBSM.

Incumbent Garry Rawcliffe told WBSM's Brian Thomas, he's proud of the work town officials have done on the town's finances. "This year we're actually going to have the opportunity to put money back into the Stabilization Fund, which is our savings account and right now we're going to be putting over $300,000 in there," said Rawcliffe.

Former Finance Committee member Roger Cabral is challenging Rawcliffe. Cabral says he's not sure many Acushnet voters appreciate Town Meeting. He would like to see better attendance. "A resident on any street, as a registered voter has the ability to attend Town Meeting and have some say on how their tax dollars will be spent, and I will encourage that as a member of the Board of Selectman."

The candidates also offered differing opinions on how the LNG facility proposed for Acushnet should be addressed. Cabral said at first he was neutral on the proposal, but after doing some research he became vehemently opposed. "I became aggravated that the Board of Selectman has not taken a position on the project. From my prospective, the health and safety of the residents of Acushnet is not for sale," said Cabral.

Rawcliffe says the board has chosen not to take a position at this time because the regulatory process is still in its very early stages. "Why would you take a stance now? Why wouldn't you gather all the information you can, then figure out whether you are for it or against it. Do it appropriately and have some leverage behind our concerns."

Election day in Acushnet is Monday. The polls open at 10am.

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