The New Bedford City Council will discuss a motion that will ask the city's state legislative delegation to oppose the mass deportation of illegal immigrants.

However, Councillor-at-Large Ian Abreu is not in support of this motion, telling WBSM's Barry Richard that he's concerned such a motion could cost the city federal funding, especially as a new administration prepares to take office.

"President-Elect Trump, love him or hate him, has already said, on record, he will pull funding of sanctuary cities," said Abreu "and you know that, for better or for worse, he is a man of his word."

Abreu says the city received roughly $42 million in federal funding last year which helped support many vital city services, including the Fire Department.

"You look at, for example, SAFER which funds over 30 firefighters, $5 million," said Abreu "that helps fund our firefighters and keeps our streets and communities safe."

The motion will be discussed when the New Bedford City Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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