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As a follow up to my soon-to-be super duper blockbuster blog yesterday, this is what else we've unearthed in our investigation into Hillary's dubious anecdotal story about her days patrolling New Bedford for floundering wheelchair bound children who were not welcomed at the public schools in 1973:

The Children's Defense Fund report to which Hillary Rodham contributed in 1973, never mentions this little girl she'd allegedly discovered on a back porch lamenting in ignorance, denied education by New Bedford Public Schools because they never cared to invest in wheelchair accessible schools. But it was so profound that it made it to her historic Democratic Party Convention acceptance speech 43 years later?!

In fact, the very CDF report in 1973 that HRC assisted with, even states that Massachusetts had already in place, measures for the handicapped that they were looking to enforce nationally.

Hillary's 1973 New Bedford story is closer to Charles Dicken's 1886 London.

More local officials from that era are now making comments of outrage. Our discoveries here by Chris McCarthy and myself have now grabbed the headlines of this mornings Boston Herald and is mentioned in today's New Bedford Standard Times.

New Bedford officials who found themselves loving her comments about New Bedford only based on the idea that it put them in the spotlight...enjoy the slap guys..the national press is about to converge on the Whaling City.

The speech was written over the course of the last few weeks, not days leading up to the convention in Philadelphia. The campaign probably felt the story by Hillary was properly vetted since the Boston Globe and the local media were only too happy to accept her anecdotal as gospel and never bothered to vet the easily found facts that New Bedford Massachusetts in 1973, had been way ahead of the national curve in terms of its concern for their handicapped residents. In 1973 full services had been in place for wheelchair bound students...every one of them.

She couldn't have stepped on a bigger mine. The predecessor to Mayor Markey in 1972 was Ed Harrington who was heavily recognized and awarded in the 1960's and early 70's for his incredible contributions to the disabled and before he got involved in politics, Markey himself had invested his own money and time as a board member (with other local  philanthropists) toward a center for mentally handicapped children and adults in New Bedford.

Chris McCarthy assisted in this research*


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