Dozens of crimes have been associated with making transactions on Craigslist and similar websites. One New Bedford city councilor is attempting to provide buyers with a safe place to conduct transactions without fear.

After learning about a similar system at police stations in Pawtucket, RI, Ward Five Councilor Kerry Winterson filed a motion at Thursday night's City Council meeting to create "safe zones" at local police stations.

Winterson says these safe zones could help buyers spot red flags.

"When you ask to meet somewhere, speciffically in one of these safe zones at a police station, and if the other party who's looking to sell something doesn't want to meet you there, that's an indicator. I think that's beneficial in regards to what type of individual you'd be dealing with."

The idea is simple: the buyer and seller walk into the police station, inform an officer they are there to complete an online transaction, and then conduct their business and leave.

Winterson says there would be no questions asked and wouldn't require any additional department personnel.