Unfiltered, hilarious and unapologetic, standup comedian Nick Di Paolo will entertain and make you laugh whether you voted for Donald Trump or not.

Nick was a special guest on my morning show a couple of days before he appears at White's of Westport as part of the SouthCoast Comedy Series this Saturday evening, June 1 at 8 p.m.

His comedy tilts—ok, bends over—politically to the right, but I'm certain a lot of my independent and liberal friends will have a fun night laughing at how the pride of Danvers, Massachusetts mixes his comedy with politics, family issues, and life. Speaking of Danvers, Nick mentioned he was a fan of Rocco's Pizza House! Be still, my heart. One of the best in all of Massachusetts.

In politically correct and inoffensive America, hearing the comedy of this very witty writer, actor, radio show host (you can find his show at NickDip.com) and star of the recently released "A Breath of Fresh Air" comedy special on YouTube has a lot of appeal with half of all Americans, like me, because our voice is being treated disrespectfully by the very crowd that demands respect. They look down on us as if they are the elite holding their noses over the deplorable. Isn't that curious?

Spend an evening with Nick Di Paolo and I promise he'll unscramble the eggs.

I like to think that comedy is subjective, so if you go to enjoy the evening, please don't act normal. Good seats are still available at southcoastcomedy.com. And listen to Nick's appearance on my show right here:

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