The name-calling and the false accusations between the left and the right are not helping the country, and it isn't even interesting anymore.

I have started inviting a liberal friend, attorney Marcus Ferro, on my show to discuss the important topics facing our state and our country. He is smart and informed and doesn't take himself too seriously, but he takes the issues seriously.

Marcus and I don't agree on much, accept to be agreeable. Neither of us derives our self-esteem or self-image from the current political figures or issues we support. Both of us have been involved in political campaigns when it really matters personally what the outcome is on a particular election night. Maybe it is that closeness to the process that gives us the distance to discuss it with humor and balance.

Today, Marcus was correct about Reagan appointing Anthony Kennedy after Robert Bork was shot down. I insisted it was Scalia who came after Bork, and I was incorrect. See how easy it is to admit to being wrong!

Watch the video above to hear us discuss the Supreme Court, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, and non-citizens voting in Boston elections. We also discuss the continuing anger among supporters of Bernie Sanders who feel Hillary Clinton and the Democrat establishment stole the nomination from him in 2016.

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