I thought Rhode Island was the most unique state when it came to original terms and phrases that you only heard in that region, but then I came to the SouthCoast.

I knew I would have a lot to learn when I began working in Fairhaven last year. Between the roadways, points of interests, and dining options, I had a lot on my plate. However, I didn’t consider that SouthCoast lingo would be on my learning to-do list.

The first time I heard Gazelle say "skuke," I thought he was swearing at me, and when I heard Michael refer to "Stang bangers," I thought he was talking about NSFW content. Needless to say, I was wrong about both terms, and those are just two examples of the terms and phrases with which I was forced to become familiar.

Now that I have learned SouthCoast jargon, I have a request. I think it’s time to add these terms and phrases to the dictionary. I know some of these terms already appear in the dictionary, but they definitely require an asterisk explaining how the SouthCoast typically uses them.

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It’s safe to say that "beige" has a much different meaning than what it says on Webster.com.

Better yet, let’s make our own version of the dictionary, dedicated to the eclectic terminology that SouthCoast residents have come to own and love. It would be a perfect guide for newbies like me to impress the locals.

See how many of these words and phrases you use on a daily basis, and send us any other ideas through our app.

25 SouthCoast Words and Phrases That Should Be Added to the Dictionary

The SouthCoast culture is alive and well in these terms and phrases that would need some explaining to an outsider.

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