I remember seeing her, stooped, wrinkled, hands prayerfully together, gently bowing in humility whispering prayers to all who gathered to see this iconic nun emerge from the New Bedford convent on a Wednesday afternoon back in 1995. Her aura glowed. There was a light about her that made you realize you were in the midst of a holy person known and respected around the world as the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

It happened this week 20 years ago. Were you on hand for this momentous event? It really was an unbelievable moment to see this tiny nun in her white and striped blue Missionary Sisters of Charity habits standing in the window of the convent, directly across from St. Lawrence Martyr Church. When Mother Teresa came out of the front door of the convent, thousands of people were on hand to applaud and share their awe.

Since my mother, little son Alex and I were on the outer most periphery of the crowd, there was little chance her heavy police security would meander our way. Just being there, in that moment, was a rich enough blessing! On my tip toes, trying to catch a peek of The Mother, there was a lull in the sounds of cheers and applause. I cupped my hands around my mouth and asked her to bless the prison inmates who I was going to see later that day at the Ash St. jail.

All of a sudden I saw her security and our local police turn from the direction they were going and headed straight for us. My heart was pounding outside of my chest. Like the parting of the seas, Mother Teresa approaches us with her hand blessing us. My eyes locked with hers and it was like taking a glimpse into eternity. I felt she was gently looking into my soul. Mother Teresa blessed us, I kissed the robe of her habit as she walked away to the soft comments of the police saying how lucky I was that she did that. Mother Teresa would say, "Do little things with Great Love." That's something I have promised to do. Happy 20th Anniversary!

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