New Bedford saw the Charles W. Morgan docked in the harbor for the first time in 80 years this summer. For over a week, thousands flocked to take a tour of the oldest surviving whaling ship and learn about its rich history. -Greg Desrosiers

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - Mayor Jon Mitchell aboard the Charles W. Morgan waving to the crowd of hundreds gathered at New Bedford State Pier.


After nearly 80 years of waiting, the oldest surviving whaling ship is back in New Bedford.

The Charles W. Morgan arrived at New Bedford State Pier Wednesday afternoon after a seven hour journey from Vineyard Haven.

The Morgan's captain, Kip Files, says he is honored to be a part of history...

The Morgan is traveling with a full crew and additional guests for each leg of its journey along the coast of New England.

Greg Desrosiers/TSM

The ship has undergone a $10 million restoration over the past five years.

Greg Desrosiers/TSM

It will open to the public on Saturday morning at 10 AM. The ship will remain in the harbor through the Fourth of July weekend.

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - Charles W. Morgan crew at work.