If you've never seen a harbor seal off the SouthCoast, then this video is for you. Alicia Duff recently captured a pair of seals in New Bedford harbor and lucky for us, shared her video on the Fun 107 App.

This is what we love most about our app. Listeners sending us photos and videos of the amazing SouthCoast things happening around us every day.

Last Friday Alicia caught a couple of adorable seals splashing together in New Bedford Harbor and sent it our way.

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From the sounds of things, it was still pretty busy around the popular fishing port when this moment was captured, but it didn't stop the seals from having some fun together.

As Alicia described it for us,

They were spotted emerging from the water to bask in the sun. Both seal pups can be seen popping up together full of mischief. The sleek, glossy pair of seals were keeping a watchful eye out for danger. They frolicked in the waves, delighting in the feeling of cool water on their fur and eventually disappeared further away from shore.
This is literally a moment I tried having with my kids on New Years Day, but it didn't work out. I planned a hike with my husband and kids that reportedly led to a spot where harbor seals like to hang out. Yet, when we got there - no harbor seals.
We did still enjoy the hike, but I wish I had been as lucky as Alicia was.
Seriously thrilled she shared this video with us and if you have the Fun 107 App on your phone and capture an equally cool SouthCoast moment, please send it our way.

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