We may be known for our beaches and salt marsh views in summertime, but as those who stay on Massachusetts' SouthCoast year-round know, it's just as amazing here in the off-season.

One local Tik-Tok comedian went viral recently for poking fun at the idea of tourists in Cape Cod during the winter.

But unlike the Cape, the SouthCoast still has a lot going on this time of year, with far fewer homes sitting empty from November through March.

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Sure, some of our favorite restaurants (and the local ice cream parlors) may be closed for a few months — but we can still hunker down in a cozy New England tavern for comfort food by the fire.

Plus seafood is at its freshest this time of year (remember the rule about oysters and months with the letter 'R'? Me neither, but I'm sure it means we should eat tons of fish.)

Summertime may be bright and colorful, but there's something about the delicate, pale pinks and purples of a chilly winter sunset.

And although there may not be too many hours of daylight to go exploring these days, our woods, marshes, ponds and yes, even beaches are well worth a look — especially after a fresh snowfall.

Even some of our urban areas can look like scenes straight out of an art museum under a few inches of snow.

So put on a parka, slap on those snowpants, strap on your best winter boots, and get out there to see the SouthCoast sights — despite the cold.

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