It's a building older than America itself, but it looks nothing like it once did. This high-end home in Plymouth was once a barn on a dairy farm and you'll be amazed at how it looks today.

Sitting on 2 acres of peaceful, Plymouth property is a 1750 dairy barn that has been converted into a stunning $2.85 million home. It could be yours.

Listed by Coldwell Banker Realty in Plymouth, this 5,256-square-foot home at 45 Doten Road is a classic Colonial with original Colonial features and amazing modern updates.

Much of the history of America began in New England and this house is full of historic touches. From the wide-board pine floors to the huge Rumford fireplace with bread oven, you can just imagine the things this house has seen.

Of course, it wasn't always a house.

Scrolling through the stunning real estate photos below, it's hard to believe this house started as a dairy barn.

Where you now see huge glass showers and cozy, fireside living spaces, there once were basically just cows, hay and buckets. This stunning property was originally built to be a barn in 1750 and functioned as one for decades.

Somewhere along the way, someone saw its potential to be more and converted the barn into a four-bedroom, five-bathroom, three-story home that blends the old and new beautifully.

The result is a beautiful home surrounded by acres of peaceful grounds that anyone would love to call home.

This Older-Than-America Barn Has Been Converted into a High End Home

It was a dairy farm barn in the mid-1700s, now the property at 45 Doten Road in Plymouth is a luxurious 4-bedroom home on sale for $2.85 million.
See the stunning renovations for yourself.

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