McKenzi is a creative, kind young lady. She loves to cook, swim, paint, watch television, play with her dolls, collect Shopkins and spend quality time with her friends.

McKenzi's Favorites

McKenzi’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Her favorite athlete is Michael Phelps and her favorite singer is Ke$ha! Her favorite subjects are art and math.

How Would McKenzi Describe Herself?

McKenzi would describe herself as a funny child who can also be a good friend. She is very loyal to those she cares about, and she remains dedicated to her interests and passions. McKenzi is also very fashionable and she loves to dress up.

How Would Others Describe McKenzi?

She is hard-working, caring and a good role model to others. She is very resilient and does not give up easily. Her teachers report she does well in school and works at grade level. McKenzi likes going to school because she enjoys learning and getting to socialize with her friends.

McKenzi's Dreams

When she grows up, McKenzi’s dream is to become a professional chef. She also hopes to be a homeowner, have a successful career, and start a family of her own.

McKenzi's Ideal Family

McKenzi’s ideal family would consist of one or two moms, with no other children in the home. Because McKenzi's social worker believes she could thrive in any type of family, she will consider all families who express interest. McKenzi's one wish is that her future family be caring and understanding. They should also be willing to abide by the Open Adoption Agreement with her birth parents, and also maintain contact with her siblings who are placed separately.

Who Can Adopt?

If you’re at least 18 years old, have a stable source of income, and room in your heart, you may be a perfect match to adopt a waiting child. Adoptive parents can be single, married, or partnered; experienced or not; renters or homeowners; LGBTQ+ singles and couples. As an adoptive parent, you won’t have to pay any fees. Adoption from foster care is completely free in Massachusetts.

The process to adopt a child from foster care includes training, interviews, and home visits to determine if adoption is right for you. These steps will help match you with a child or sibling group that your family will fit well with.

To learn more about adoption from foster care, call the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at (617) 964-6273 or visit Start the process today and give a waiting child a permanent place to call home.

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