NEW BEDFORD - This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the historic women's march on Washington, D.C., following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

To commemorate the anniversary, an event is being held in New Bedford that seeks to further the issues facing women on a local level.

The 2018 New Bedford Women's March is being held this Saturday. Organizer and Ward Four City Councilor Dana Rebeiro says that she thinks women need to be taken more seriously by the public in political and other arenas.

"Traditionally, they (the public) think of a guy in a suit. So, when you come in as a woman, first of all you have to prove that you are capable," says Rebeiro. "Whereas they just see a guy in a suit and they're like, 'What does he have to say? I bet there's something there.'"

Ruth Chicca, President of Action Together Massachusetts and fellow Women's March organizer, tells says Trump's election struck fear in many Americans over the future of women's issues, and the conversation needs to turn to action.

"It was a negative event that brought people out," Chicca said of Trump's inauguration. "So, you can look at it both ways. You can say, 'Yes, we're still upset about this. However, being upset about it isn't going to do awfully that much about it. What can we actually do?'"

Income equality and other hot-button issues will be discussed in a forum that is open to only women, including reporters, at 11 a.m. Saturday at the downtown Bristol Community College campus at 800 Purchase Street. Registration for the forum begins at 10 a.m.

Chicca says she doesn't expect to live in a perfect world anytime soon, but that's not keeping her and others from trying to achieve it.

"I don't think we're gonna ever get to a Utopian society where everything is perfect and we don't have problems. So, that's why Dana (Rebeiro) and I keep saying 'keep moving forward.' We're not dismissing the progress that's already been made. We're just saying we're not there yet, there's still more work to do."

Men and children are encouraged to meet up with the women following the forum at 2 p.m. for a march beginning at Custom House Square and an activist meetup at 3 p.m. at BCC.

Former Ward 3 City Council candidate Bethany Fauteux is also helping organize the event.

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