Senator Elizabeth Warren has been on a losing streak in the Democratic presidential election for the party's nomination. She needs a win on Super Tuesday.

What will the people who live in the Greater New Bedford area do on Super Tuesday when they go to the polls? The people voting in the primary that matters to Warren will be Democrats and unenrolled voters who self identify with the goals of the Democratic Party. This should be friendly territory for Elizabeth Warren; after all, these are the people that have voted for her to be their U.S. Senator.

But her success as a Democrat competing against other Democrats has been dismal. She has lost in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina this year. She lost every single contest to other Democrats. She has now lost to a socialist, a small city mayor, a billionaire who has never run for office, and a former vice president.

Keep in mind, Elizabeth Warren has only beaten Republicans in Massachusetts elections. That isn't a big deal and it isn't something to brag about unless that is all you have to brag about. March 3, 2020, Super Tuesday, will be the first time Massachusetts has had an option between Warren and other Democrats on a ballot and they will have to make a choice.

Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill used to say all politics is local. This year a former Massachusetts lieutenant governor is supporting Joe Biden for president rather than Liz Warren. That lieutenant governor is Tommy O'Neill, the son of Tip O'Neill.

Take New Bedford as an example: there are six members of the local state legislative delegation and all are Democrats. One state representative is openly supporting Warren for president. Two of the state representatives are openly supporting Vice President Biden, and have been for months.

State Senator Mike Rodrigues, who chairs Senate Ways and Means and represents Fall River and many of the surrounding suburbs, is openly supporting Mayor Pete Buttigieg, or at least he was until Mayor Pete quit the race on Sunday.

Congressman William Keating, a lifelong Democrat who represents almost all of the SouthCoast including Cape Cod, New Bedford, and part of Fall River, has stayed neutral in the primary.

Former New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang isn't supporting Warren this year, either.

All politics is local and we will see how the local Democrats truly feel about the senator they have twice nominated for the U.S. Senate when they had no other options.

Chris McCarthy is the host of The Chris McCarthy Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @Chris_topher_Mc. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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