Have you read any of the messages the children send off to the North Pole every year? There were a lot of letters to Santa this year that asked not only for toys, but about his reindeer. The most common question was, "Santa, can reindeer really fly?"

I believe, the answer is yes and no. Of course, most reindeer cannot fly. They can move very quickly across the frozen tundra, but fly? No, only Santa's special reindeer can fly because their antlers are different from the everyday reindeer.

You've heard about aerodynamics, where all you need to fly is lift and thrust. Lift works opposite of weight and thrust works opposite of drag. It's the same for Santa's special reindeer. It's not aerodynamics, it's antler-dynamics.

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Santa's nine reindeer's antlers have a baffling arrangement of added features and accessories, and at the incredibly fast speeds they travel, their antler-tips create enough lift to allow them to fly. My ancestors knew about this concept thousands of years ago when they tried it on Pegasus, but that story is for another time. To keep it simple, their antlers become like vortex-shedding devices that also allow them to time travel.

The science behind this is only part of the total flight principle. The other critical part of this Christmas enigma is to simply believe. That's the hypersensitive part of this narrative. Over the eons, the bullies have reprimanded believers such as myself.

Whether we're talking about reindeer flying or something more, we are our own innkeepers. Each of us must decide whether we have room to believe or not. I'll keep the candle lit, that you never become too grown up to take a quick peek upwards into the nighttime sky on Christmas Eve.

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