After yesterday's news of Jon Stewart stepping down as The Daily Show's host, fans have been beginning to speculate who will be the heir to the throne. Last night the world of political satire was turned upside-down when Jon Stewart went on air and announced he was leaving The Daily Show after sixteen years. Stewart's show has been a staple of Comedy Central's nighttime programming since its air and his work has given us much more than just a thirty minute mockery news show. Jon has birthed the careers of future Late Show host Stephen Colbert, comedians Steve Carell and Rob Riggle, and Comedy Central's Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore to name a few. Jon was there for us every night to say what we really want to hear, whether it's an angry bashing of politicians or an emotional and powerful monologue after the events of 9/11.

There is no doubt that Jon Stewart will be missed, but now our attention has been directed to his heir. Rumors have been spreading of The Daily Show's next potential host. Here are three potential successors that may have the best chance of landing this now iconic position.


Neilson Barnard // Getty Images

John Oliver:

John Oliver was a former correspondent for Stewart and is seen by the viewers as The Daily Show's best correspondent since Steven Colbert. Oliver, the UK native would be one of the best fit for the job not only because he used to be Stewart's wing-man, but because he has held the title of The Daily Show's host before. In 2013, Stewart left the show temporarily to direct a film he had been working on and left Oliver in charge. What was unfortunate for Comedy Central, however, was that Oliver had done such a good job covering for Stewart that he was offered his own show on HBO entitled Last Week Tonight. Viewers can only cross their fingers and hope Oliver declines the offer of a second season on HBO and return to the show that made him who he is today.


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Tina Fey:

There's been a toss up online on who's stolen America's heart more: Tina Fey or her partner in crime Amy Poehler . While Poehler's NBC show Parks and Recreation is on its final season and would be available for a position like this it seems the internet world is siding with Fey. The former SNL Weekend Update anchor has experience in the field. She would be seen as a beloved successor and can bring a refreshing twist to the station's nighttime lineup.


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Brian Williams:

This is the most interesting candidate out of the bunch. After Williams' recent allegations it's becoming more and more apparent that his time with NBC is coming to an end. Williams had come out and stated that he was interested in being the heir to the Letterman throne before Colbert claimed it for his own. It's been heard through the grape vine that what seems like an opposite world scenario is about to unfold: Brian Williams to The Daily Show, Jon Stewart to NBC's Nightly News. Stewart has hinted that he was interested in a more serious position after his time with Comedy Central and let's be honest, crazier career moves have happened.