Have you ever had trouble figuring out what to tip or when to tip someone that provides a service to you? According to Yahoo Finance here is what you should tip. If you go out to dinner the going rate is usually 20% or more if the service is good. What about the delivery person who drops off the food?  The going rate there is usually $3 or more dollars a little more if the weather is bad. What about when you order a drink at a bar or during the holidays you want to tip the mail man or a cab driver. For a bartender you should give a dollar for a beer and two dollars for a mixed drink, give 20% for a large tab.  For the cab driver 10 to 18% should be fine.  For the mailman give him $25-$50 if you are happy with your service.  What about when you pull up to the restaurant with valet parking?  What do you tip the guy who brings your car back to you?  Toss him $2 to $5 dollars. Most of us go to the same hairstylist every month or so, what should we toss them?  You should be giving between 15% and 20% or more if you like that person.  In the past it was customary to not tip the salon owner if they took care of you, that is now an antiquated idea, tip them as you would any other stylist.

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