Buzzfeed announced yesterday afternoon that showering everyday is NOT good for you! We view the act of bathing daily as a social norm, but we don’t realize the harm we cause because of it.

A local dermatologist from Boston, Dr. Ranella Hirsch says, “showering too often can dry out and irritate the skin, wash away the good bacteria on your skin, and make small cracks, leaving you at higher risk for infection.”

Hirsch claimed that we should only shower everyday if our activity level and climate force us to. Otherwise, going two or three days before bathing is ideal. However, you should still change your underwear everyday because we discard more dirt and oil in our clothing than we do in the shower.

I wash my face and body everyday, but I wash my hair every other day. I've known that daily shampooing strips your hair of the natural oils it needs for years. But this same concept for my body is entirely new to me.

I'll have to research this myself in a little experiment. Let's see if my skin looks and feels better if I shower every other day...sorry Phil and Dan!

So, how often do you scrub-a-dub-dub?

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