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You would think that The United States of America would be the number one smart phone users in the world but we are not!  That is surprising to me!  

Think about it you see people everywhere you go, on their phones, cruising the internet, downloading pictures, instant messaging constantly.  With all of that the U.S. doesn't even make it into the top ten!  Imagine that, everyone has a smart phone these days don't they?  In America we are proud to be number one at everything we do!

The good ole' U.S. of A. comes in at number 13 on the list of smartphone users around the world with a mere 56%, number one on the list is the United Arab Emirates with 73.8%.  I say this can't happen, we need do buy more smartphones, make them more affordable and let's make America number one!

Here is the list of country's that have more smartphone users than us.

Countries With Highest Percentage of Smartphone Ownership

1. United Arab Emirates – 73.8%
2. South Korea – 73%
3. Saudi Arabia – 72.8%
4. Singapore – 71.7%
5. Norway – 67.5%
6. Australia – 64.6%
7. Sweden – 62.9%
8. Hong Kong – 62.8%
9. United Kingdom – 62.2%
10. Denmark – 59%