The Bristol County District Attorney's Office and Coastline of New Bedford are hosting a fun event on June 16 with a serious purpose.

The Celebration of Seniors begins at 9 a.m. at White's of Westport. Seniors are asked to register by contacting the District Attorney's Office at (508) 961-1979 or by emailing

The event will include a free breakfast and resource fair, plus a program on elder abuse awareness with speakers including District Attorney Thomas Quinn, and Taryn Lee-Turgeon from the Mass. Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Why elder abuse? According to District Attorney Quinn, elder abuse, both physical and emotional, is a significant problem in Bristol County and around the nation.

"Physical abuse is reprehensible, and that's obviously happened over the years," he said. "There have also been cases of neglect that have resulted in death."

Quinn said scammers often target seniors, seeking to trick them into emptying their bank accounts. All of these crimes and more will be covered during the event on June 16.

During an interview this week on Townsquare Sunday, the District Attorney said the protection of seniors is a priority of his administration. Quinn has formed a special unit within his office to  investigate elder abuse crimes, and since 2015, has made it a point to visit every senior center in Bristol County with a message of prevention.

The complete interview with Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn and Community Affairs Program Manager Brian Rose can be heard here:

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