It was an extremely unusual sight Tuesday morning in Westport. It's safe to say it was a sight never seen before here on the SouthCoast, and probably anywhere else in the world.

A Westport man was using his vintage 1990 Ferrari 348TS to plow snow. You read that correctly. The $100,000 car has been suited up with a snow plow. Seeing the black Ferrari making its passes up and down his driveway definitely turned some heads this morning.

Meet Carlos Ferreira. He's a local business owner and an exotic-car enthusiast. When Ferreira isn't running his Domino's business, he is enjoying his cars. So, why would he be using this one to plow?  It turns out, the whole thing started as a joke.

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Similar to the way Ford and Chevy truck owners debate which is better, Ferrari and Lamborghini owners go head to head as well. Apparently Ferreira, an avid Lambo collector, once said the only way he'd own a Ferrari was if he was going to use it to plow his driveway. In other words, the sportscar was only good enough to be used as his work truck.

While it started out as a little joke, his friends didn't know that Ferreira was actively working to make it happen. They were stunned to see the pictures and video Tuesday morning of the Ferrari plowing the snow.

"They still can't believe it," Ferreira says.  "They can't believe I actually did it."

Ferreira believes this is the only Ferrari in the world with a plow attached.

"The exotic-car groups are a pretty small community. We keep track of these things.  It's the only one in the world."

Ferreira's Lamborghini collection can be seen in the pic below.

Courtesy of Carlos Ferreira
Courtesy of Carlos Ferreira

If it looks like the Ferrari's top was off during the plowing, it was.

"This was just a trial run, today," Ferreira said. "I still have to get the studded tires put on it."

However, don't expect this to turn into Ferreira's side hustle.  He says he doesn't expect to use the Ferrari to plow any other driveways or businesses.

"I'm just using the Ferrari for what it was meant for, to clean the Lamborghini's driveway," he said.

File under "Savage."

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