Local resident and Suffolk University student Nick Viveiros joined The Barry Richard Show on Thursday to offer some insight on young people and their political views.

Viveiros hosts two radio programs at Suffolk, and is heavily involved in the university's political scene.

The discussion covered topics such as the school walkouts in reaction to the 17 people murdered in Parkland, Florida. While Viveiros said he feels the walkouts are only appropriate for high school age students and with parameters such as parental notification, he did say he's happy to see young people speaking up on an issue they believe is important.

"It's a level of activism we haven't seen from young people on any other issue," he said, noting he's not sure what about the Parkland massacre particularly caused students to step up.

Viveiros also discussed his own personal political views, where he thinks the Democratic party is headed in 2020, and whether or not he believes Elizabeth Warren can become president.

Check out some of Viveiros' work for Suffolk Radio here.

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