So I know that all of you know about our great "Hometown Hero" annual contest, which helps recognize some of the great people or "heroes" we have, living among us, on the South Coast. The contest is sponsored by our good friends at Wareham Crossing, The Pasta House and Care Free Homes, who award our honoree with some great prizes!

This year's list of nominees is nothing short of impressive. It includes present and retired firefighters who put their lives on the line to save anyone in need; current and former soldiers who have risked their lives for our country; to just all-around, generous, caring men, and even a couple of youngsters, who have made it their mission to give back to the causes they are already so passionate about. This list is truly heartwarming!

But we can only select one person to name the "Hometown Hero" of 2014, as so many of the individual write ups said, any one of these inspiring individuals would be a tremendous choice.

Voting runs through Friday, July 11 and the winner of this year's contest will be announced Monday, July 14. Please take a moment to check out our list of nominees and select the person that you feel best embodies what it is to be a "Hometown Hero."

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