Who would have imagined 10 years ago that populist candidates for president would be winning support for advocating for socialism, free college, reparations, and the repeal of the Second Amendment? The radical progressive wing of the Democrat Party, that's who.

When the idea of fundamentally transforming our country to more resemble a European socialist nation first began to establish a foothold, many folks thought it could never happen. It was just the radical left-wing. Fast forward to today, and many of those concepts that seemed so radical are now considered mainstream and very attractive to many voters.  

Burlington, Vermont City Councilor Perri Freeman has suggested disarming the city's police force.

"Realizing that there are actually several countries where they're not using firearms for their regular police duties. Just to name a few: the U.K., Ireland, Iceland," Freeman told local TV station WCAX. "I started thinking critically about what is the next step in terms of policing practices, whether that's having more sophisticated training for officers, having a different expectation."

Of course, Freeman's idea was ridiculed as "unrealistic" and "out of touch" with reality by police and politicians alike, but don't be so quick to bury it. One thing we have learned about the radical left is that they are patient. They have learned how to advance their agenda at a slow but steady pace until it takes root. 

I guarantee that Burlington, Vermont is not the only community where disarming the police is being discussed and I also guarantee that this is not the last we have heard on the subject. The left has already landed significant blows on the law enforcement community through verbal attacks and their refusal to condemn physical attacks on police.

Freeman understands that by planting the seed and then continuing to water it, particularly in a progressive college town like Burlington, the idea will grow into a movement.

"It's not an overnight thing. It's a gradual program. It's talking about how do we really shift and talk about doing things maybe differently in a way that might be better in the long run," she said.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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