There is something many of you probably have stuffed in the back of your closets, or shoved away in your attic or basement, and you never want to pull it out ever again.

It bothers you just to know it’s there, yet you’re also afraid to throw it out.

I’m talking about an Ouija board.

Oujia boards – generally speaking, talking boards – have gotten a bad rap for years, ever since The Exorcist came out. I say “generally speaking” because not all talking boards are Ouija boards. Ouija is a brand name, but yet has become the de facto name for any spirit board. It’s kind of like how not every tissue is a Kleenex, but we still call them that.

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Ouija boards are not a gateway to hell. They don’t summon the devil or demons or lead to people being possessed. It’s no different than any other tool for spirit communication. If you don’t want to believe in spirits, you can just think of it as just like any other board game.

Do you really think Target would sell a tool for summoning Satan in the toy section?

Anyway, after picking up a vintage board at a New Bedford antique shop over the weekend, I decided that since I have no fear of talking boards and actually think they’re pretty awesome, perhaps I could offer to take in any Ouija or talking board that people don’t want in their house anymore, but are afraid of the repercussions of throwing it away.

Consider it Weisberg’s Wayward Home for Unwanted Ouijas.

I mentioned it on my radio show this morning, and a listener named Helen came by and dropped one off. I’m glad I could help her out by taking it off her hands.

I already have a little collection of Ouijas already, so taking on more won’t be a problem. They’re easy enough to store and I can either display them or help them find good homes where they’ll be properly cared for and used.

If you want to drop off an unwanted Oujia board at the station, or perhaps want to mail one over, let me know either by emailing me or send me a message on App Chat on the WBSM app.

And yeah, I know I’m weird.

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