Give back. That was the message graduating students at University of Massachusetts Law School received during their Commencement ceremony Monday morning at the Main Auditorium at the Dartmouth campus.

Keynote speaker and author Rikki Klieman told the students that whether they become lawyers, or apply their skills towards work in another profession, they should find something their passionate about and take what they learned in law school and use those skills to help others.

"Give a part of your life to that thing or that person," says Klieman "i whether it's an hour, whether it's a week, whether it's everyday it doesn't have to be your whole life but if you do something for those less fortunate it will make your life a whole lot richer."

In addition to serving as commencement speaker, Klieman was also giving an honorary degree from the school.

58 students received their Juris Doctor degrees during the commencement ceremony.