UMass Dartmouth has converted over 60 of it's bathrooms into all-gender bathrooms.

The school began the process of converting the gender-specific, single-occupancy bathrooms several years ago, and has made 62 restrooms all-gender.

Juli Parker, Director of the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality on campus tells WBSM News the University works hard to be accepting of all of it's students and staff. "The University prides itself with issues of diversity at the core, that we're a welcoming and accepting place for all students. And I think certainly trans students are students that we want to make sure that they're feeling comfortable and safe and having a positive experience while they're here," said Parker.

The process required the University's architect to file for variances for every single restroom under conversion, since plumbing codes require a set amount of restrooms for men and women separately based on the student population. Parker says the code is in direct conflict with the recently passed transgender anti-discrimination law in Massachusetts.

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