A robust crowd braved the wind and rain Friday afternoon for the installation of a new sculpture at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. 

As part of Dartmouth's 350/50 Project, celebrating the 350th birthday of the town and the 50th birthday of the university, a sculpture highlighting the unique relationship between the town and campus.

The sculpture was designed by Stacy Latt Savage, local artist and professor of fine arts at the university.

Savage said the focus behind the sculpture was to breakdown the "barrier" between the campus and rest of the Dartmouth community.

"UMass Dartmouth is a very interesting circle that sometimes can feel like a barrier with the outer ring," Savage said. "We created this site because we wanted a welcoming site for the Town of Dartmouth."

Steel for the installation came from different sources around the town, including Lincoln Park and farms.

The sculpture is placed next to a pond near the university's entrance and sits on a concrete slab featuring a map of the town.

State Representative Chris Markey said the area provides the perfect place for people from the town and campus to reflect on the town's history and future, as well as their own life paths.

"I hope everyone has an opportunity to stand here at some point and just reflect on where they've been and where they're going to go," said Markey.

Other works by Savage on display in the area include the Buttonwood Park Holocaust Memorial in New Bedford and a collaborative sculpture by her and her students at Dartmouth Community Park.