Two New Bedford residents were arrested Wednesday for their part in a Fentanyl distribution operation on Cape Cod that was operating out of a home owned by the Shriver family, without the family's knowledge.

Barnstable police charged 29-year-old Troy Monteiro of New Bedford and 29-year-old Trevor Rose of East Providence with multiple drug crimes Wednesday.

Courtesy Barnstable Police
Courtesy Barnstable Police

Authorities say they seized more than 200 grams of fentanyl worth about $40,000. Police allege Monteiro and Rose used the Shriver's home in Hyannisport as a base of operations with the help of the property's caretaker, whose name was not released. The drugs were allegedly transported from New Bedford to the Shriver house. That property is owned by a limited liability corporation managed by Robert Sargent "Bobby" Shriver III, son of the late Sargent and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Also arrested in connection was Monteiro's girlfriend, 26-year-old Ariel Price-Perry. Police searched their New Bedford apartment and found more fentanyl, 20-thousand dollars in cash and processing equipment including scales, packaging material and diluting agents.

The bust was the result of a two-month investigation by Barnstable Police Narcotics Detectives and the Cape DEA office. Both Monteiro and Rose are originally from the Cape, but have been residing in the New Bedford area, even though Rose gave police an East Providence address.

During the investigation, detectives learned that the suspects were traveling to the Cape on a daily basis to distribute large quantities of Fentanyl to numerous Cape Cod area users and dealers. Many of their transactions with customers were observed to be repeatedly taking place in the area of Fortes Beach in Hyannisport. The suspects were also found to be using a residence on Atlantic Ave in Hyannisport as a center of operations. They frequently traveled to and from the residence when conducting their drug transactions.

The investigation involved several undercover purchases of Fentanyl and extensive physical and camera surveillance. As a result, detectives were able to locate areas of the Hyannisport/Squaw Island Beach that Monteiro and Rose were using to stash their drugs. Approximately 200 grams of Fentanyl was recovered from the beach locations used by Monteiro and Rose. The street value of the drugs is approximately $40,000.

On Wednesday, detectives and DEA agents followed Monteiro and his girlfriend/driver, Ariel Price-Perry, from their New Bedford apartment to Hyannisport.


Following a brief foot chase, Monteiro was arrested as he attempted to retrieve the drugs he had hidden on the beach. Monteiro was charged with two counts of Trafficking Fentanyl and Conspiracy to Violate the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). Price-Perry, 26, was arrested for CSA and Impeding a Police Investigation as she attempted to destroy evidence as Monteiro was being arrested.

Trevor Rose was arrested a short time later as he arrived at the Atlantic Ave residence with the property caretaker. The property caretaker was responsible for allowing the suspects to use the residence. Rose was charged with one count of Trafficking Fentanyl and one count of Possession of Cocaine. Monteiro, Price-Perry, and Rose were transported to the Barnstable police station and held on $100,000 bail each. They were arraigned in Barnstable Disctrict Court this morning.

Following the arrests, Det Sgt Butler obtained search warrants for Monteiro and Price-Perry’s residence located at 3 South Sixth St in New Bedford, as well as 31 Atlantic Ave in Hyannisport. Detectives located additional Fentanyl along with $20,000 in cash in the New Bedford apartment. A substantial amount of Fentanyl processing equipment including, but not limited to scales, packaging material, and diluting agents was recovered in the Atlantic Ave residence.

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