Two Southeastern Massachusetts men completed an epic journey on Friday.

Brian Tjersland of Dartmouth and Josh Millich of Swansea finished up a 500-mile run that started at the National Cemetery in Bourne on Veterans Day and ended Friday at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Both runners were raising awareness and money for Mission 22, an organization seeking an end to veterans' suicide. As of Saturday, Brian and Josh had raised about $41,000 for Mission 22.

Josh Millich is serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. He says from day one, he wanted to help veterans.

"I personally believe its an under-served community," said Millich. "I think these people give so much to us and sacrifice beyond what we can even fathom, and then they come back and I don't think they get the support they deserve."

TSM/Chris Arsenault
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Both men completed the run in 12 days, arriving in Arlington late Friday afternoon. They were greeted there by a host of veterans and friends.

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