According to the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, it is going to take a hefty return to entice the New England Patriots to deal their back up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo this off-season. 

Speaking on the subject earlier today, Garafolo said that a source hinted at the fact that it might take a team offering up both it's 2017 first round pick and its first rounder in the 2018 draft to meet the price New England has set.

With Garoppolo sitting just a year away from free agency and the teams that need him the most, like the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers, needing more than just the former second round pick to get their franchises going in the right direction, I'd say its safe to say the price is too high.

Of course, these are the Browns, Bears and 49ers we're talking about, so no terrible idea is completely off the table.

For now, though, it appears that Garoppolo will stay with the Pats and work under Brady for at least the next season. What will really be interesting will be what happens a year from now, when Garoppolo's deal is up and the franchise tag is an option.


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