Tornado season is starting in many parts of the country. Is your town or city at risk?

This year's list may come as a surprise to some, with areas in the Deep South dominating the top of the list, as opposed to cities in the Great Plains and Midwest. Those two regions are more likely to pop into people's heads when they think of "Tornado Alley."

The reason for the change may be because this year, when the Weather Channel put together its annual list of the top 10 cities most vulnerable to tornadoes, they used slightly different data. Tornado expert Dr. Greg Forbes used information from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center during the years 1962-2011 to compile this year's list.

"The difference between this year's list and the ones in the past is the past ones were just counting the sheer number of tornadoes," said Dr. Forbes. "That didn't take into consideration the track length or path width. Thus it didn't count how big of an area was being affected by the tornadoes."

Check out the full report over at, where there is further information on all the cities on the list.

The top 10 most tornado-prone cities are:

10. Nashville, Tennessee
9. Wichita, Kansas
8. Atlanta
7. Oklahoma City
6. Tulsa, Oklahoma
5. Little Rock, Arkansas
4. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
3. Birmingham, Ala.
2. Jackson, Mississippi
1. Huntsville, Ala.

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