25 states are reporting widespread flu activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Massachusetts is among the 25 states. So, let's take a look at being aware of some of the most germ ridden items or places. Have you pumped gas, handled money or pushed a shopping cart lately? Then you've come in contact with the "germiest" things, but there are places at work and home that you have to be aware of, as well, if you want to stop spreading the flu bacteria. Here are the most common places to be careful of. Your office phones, yikes! the keyboard and mouse, desktop surfaces - especially after eating, toilette seat and the flush handle. Anyone sanitize the fax and copy machines, communal kitchen area, shared pens from the communal holder, lately? Other hot spots include the conference room table, vending machines, doorknobs and light switches. Anywhere that's touched by many hands and cleaned by few is a petri dish for the "germy beast." Here's to you staying well and healthy this flu season and all year long!