March might signal the start of spring for some, but for basketball lovers, it is the start of another season. It’s bracket time! March Madness is home to many of the greatest buzzer beaters of all time.

These game winning buzzer beaters can be the “make it or break it” for your bracket.

While many advance their favorite teams far into the tournament, some always try for that perfect bracket. But just how likely is that? According to Dan Katz, a Brown University math professor, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

According to ABC 6, “[The odds are] 9 quintillion. It’s essentially a billions billion. So, if you have everyone on Earth fill out over a billion brackets and [spend] a minute per bracket, it would take over 2000 years to fill out all of the possible brackets.”

Katz offers advice into increasing your odds at a perfect bracket. “If your team is a 15 or 16 and you’re pulling for them to go to the finals, you’ll probably be sad pretty quickly.”

No number 16 seed has ever won a tournament game and only a few number 15 seeds have managed an upset.

It is the best bet to pick mostly top seeds. However, they are not always going to be an absolute guarantee. All four number one seeds have only made the Final Four once. Katz recommends that taking a chance on a number three or even a number five seed that might just take it all the way.

Most of all, it is important to have fun, so sit back relax and enjoy a full day of epic basketball with the possibility of high-flying slam dunks, incredible shot blocks and amazing last second buzzer beaters to seal the deal to advance to the next round.

Down below is a video to help you when playing the odds.
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With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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