If you've traveled along American Legion Highway where Fall River meets the Tiverton line over the past year, then this abandoned camper story should pique your interest.

There's no way you could have missed this massive 1998 Chevrolet recreational vechicle that clearly needed some work done to it. Day in and day out, there was no sign of life or anyone living inside the camper, making it appear to be dumped and abandoned. However, someone was either digging around over the past week or coming and going when no one was around, since somedays the door would be wide open and other days it was tied shut.

Considering how much of an eye sore this camper was, Tiverton residents and commuters can rejoice knowing that was finally towed away on Sunday, January 16. It's still unclear who owned the camper, but a group of local residents who were eager to solve this mystery might have gotten to the bottom of it before I could even investigate. A Facebook group was even made to piece together the clues.

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A woman named Karen Kozak commented with what she claims to be the truth behind the dumped RV:

"Everything you would like to know about the Great Camper Mystery! A man in Westport thought he could just dump a camper on my property. At the time I didn’t know who it was. After months of trying to find someone who would take it for scrap, considered hazardous waste, it would have cost me around $2000. Once I finally found somewhere to bring it, then we had the task of finding someone to haul it there.

People didn’t like that I didn’t have the title for it and thought I was trying to move something that didn’t belong to me. You wouldn’t believe the time I have put into this project. Finally, a longtime friend I know from High School said that he would try and find a VIN number. Low and behold he found a VIN number!

The police were notified, and I had to hire a lawyer to send this person a letter to have it removed. He was served papers by the police. This man had to appear in court and the judge told him that he had to have it removed by the 18th of January. Today (January 18th, 2022) was such a relief to hear that it has been finally removed. This has been such a burden! Thanks so much for all the laughs of the conspiracy theories that brightened up my day and thanks to the person who took that pic of it being towed down the road.

Most of all thanks to my friend who took it upon himself to help with the VIN number and of course the Tiverton Police Department who constantly was on this guy. Glad we can all sleep a little bit easier tonight."

The Investigation for the vehicle abandonment and dumping on private property is still on going, but thanks to Tina Goldman, a rare shot of the camper was taken as it was towed down Route 24 southbound.

Courtesy Tina Goldman
Courtesy Tina Goldman

Looks like the town of Tiverton's going to need something else to talk about now that the talk of the town has up and left.

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