On Sunday, Tiverton welcomed a new business as Bajah’s Cat Café celebrated its grand opening. But what exactly is a cat café?

It’s where fresh coffee and animal lovers merge, giving a new, modern experience to adopting cats. The mastermind behind the café is thrilled to watch her dream come true.

Amanda Souza-Viera’s love for cats began when she was a little girl growing up in Portsmouth. For 17 years, her cat Bajah brought her joy and comfort.

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“He was my everything,” she said. “He made me want to do something positive for the cats in my area.”

After experiencing her first cat café on the West Coast, Souza-Viera knew she needed one to call her own on the East Coast, so she quit her day job and put all her energy into building Bajah’s Cat Café from the ground up.

This business model is a first for Rhode Island and Souza-Viera is helping revolutionize the way cats find their forever homes. She has partnered with Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River and the Potter League for Animals in Middletown to encourage customers to adopt by allowing people to get to know the cats before taking them home. Lovingly called “Bajah’s Cat Village,” the room is designated to all things cat, with places to climb, lounge, and play. After reserving your village experience online, you will get 30 minutes of uninterrupted play time. Good luck not falling in love with every single kitten.

During play time, customers can enjoy locally-sourced coffee from New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket and indulge in sweet treats from Wingate Cookies and Wicked Whoopies.

It’s safe to say that this café is not a normal coffee shop, so here is what to expect when you check out Bajah’s for the first time:

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