It is officially spring on the SouthCoast and local ticks seem to have gotten the memo. Tick populations are once again on the move and those planning to explore the great outdoors should be prepared.

Mid-March can often be too cold for ticks to come back into play, but local bug experts tell us that this season they are getting an early start.

We spoke with Ashley at Sav-A-Tree in Exeter, Rhode Island, who said "The mild end on winter and warmer March weather has ticks out already."

After the roller coaster of arctic air throughout January, it seems hard to believe this winter was warmer than usual. Apparently, it at least ended that way. As Sav-A-Tree informed us, "ticks don't actually hibernate. They just stop moving until the weather warms up."

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Though the weather doesn't have to warm up very much.

A ground temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit will have ticks actively hunting and potentially bring them into your house on pantlegs and pets.

How To Get Ticks Out of Your House

If you fear a tick or two may have made their way into your home during our recent warm weather, the best thing to do is vacuum. Yes, a little spring cleaning can go a long way in removing ticks.

Make sure to vacuum rugs, floors and furniture, and get around the baseboards really well. Baseboards are the most popular spot for females to lay their eggs and that is certainly not anything you would want to happen in your home.

How To Get Ticks Off Your Body

If you do not see any ticks, but are concerned you may have picked one up on a recent walk, you should shower as soon as you can. Unattached ticks will wash right off and having nothing on is a good opportunity for a tick check.

A complete tick check includes feeling in and around your hair, and looking under your arms, in your ears, in your belly button, between your legs, behind your knees and around your waist.

Luckily the weather is not consistently warm enough for T-shirts and shorts just yet, because long sleeves and long pants are best for walking in the woods where ticks most likely live.

It is also never too early to spray yourself with tick repellant before a hike or have your yard treated to keep kids and pets safe for the season.

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