Virginia State Police are confirming three deaths in the tiny town of Waverly, which appears to be taking the brunt of a fast-moving storm sweeping across the East Coast.

A police spokeswoman identifies the victims as a 2-year-old child and two men, one 50-years-old and the other 26. She says the men were found about 300 yards from their mobile home.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency.

Television newscasts showed shattered windows, splintered wood and shocked residents sizing up the aftermath of the storm. Virginia State Police say at least five structures within the town limits were damaged.

Roads leading into the town had to be closed because of downed trees and debris tossed by winds gusting to 60 mph.

The National Weather Service says the Waverly tornado was the only confirmed twister in the state but several others are suspected tornadoes. (Associated Press)