If you've ever wondered how the New England Patriots get their "film" from game day and practices, the organization just gave a behind-the-scenes look at their operation.

"Do Your Job: Video Department" is the latest episode in the Do Your Job series on Facebook Watch. Jimmy Dee of New Bedford is the Video Director and has been with the team for 26 seasons.

Dee feels truly grateful for being a "kid from New Bedford getting a job with the New England Patriots.

"That was big-time for me." - Jimmy Dee

Another familiar face you'll notice in the video is Fernando Neto, the Assistant Video Director. Neto is seen showing the equipment used through the evolution of video work within the department. He also shows off the high-tech equipment used to cover practices, including the scissor-lifts, which they've used for years.

"Everything that's filmed between the four cameras, five cameras, or however many there are that day, that information will be given to a runner, who will drive it on the cart into the editing room and I'll start the edits. We do this so that when they come off the field, their video is at their desk. They can get into their computer, they can go into their meeting rooms, and they can watch it as a team." - Jimmy Dee

Jared Rita, Video Assistant, makes his debut at the 5:45 time mark. He talks about downloading videos for the coaches and making sure they have what they need before getting on a plane for an away game.

Teddy Cioper is one of the Video Assistants in charge of setting up the coaches booth on the road. Bill Belichick is "old school" and prefers to stay on paper. The video department makes sure he gets what he needs.

"I take the pictures that go down to the field to the tablets and the printouts and those guys then get the pictures and hand them out to the coaches on the field." - Teddy Cioper

After the game, Jared and Teddy will edit the videos while on the bus back to the airport so that they can hand over the completed "film" to the coaches and it's ready to go on the way home.

"For them to have the benefit of watching the game we just played instantaneously on the plane, that's huge for them." - Jimmy Dee

Dee knows he has the "best staff in the NFL." Good work guys!

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