You can tell things are getting back to normal because I'm starting to read stories like this one from the Flat Earth Society. Yes, the Flat Earth Society. Unbelievable.

This group has been around since the 1800s and I can understand that they were formed. Back in the 1800s there was little credible information. But to still be there in 2012 with the technology that we have is just unbelievable.

They claim that the earth is flat and the group says all those images we have seen of the earth are FAKE! Those pictures were created by NASA and other government agencies. According to the leadership of the group, membership has grown by 200 people per year over the past three years. (That scares me)They have a number of odd theories, including that the Earth's gravity is an illusion, and that the earth is a flat disc rimmed with a 150 foot ice wall that is guarded by NASA to prevent people from climbing over. Well at least we won't fall off.

You can see for yourself at their website Oh look! They have merchandise! I can start my Christmas shopping.

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